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How much is a tooth extraction?

Some dentists can’t take out all teeth, but ours can help with almost any tooth. This means that there are varying degrees of difficulty based on the amount of tissue or bone around the tooth. Thus, the varying prices are based on the type of extraction.

  • A simple extraction would be $125**. If a dentist has one low price, that is because it is all they do and they refer the more difficult ones to an office like ours.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common and usually fall under the next level of difficulty. That being a surgical extraction ($180) which could require some removal of bone or soft tissue. Then a soft tissue extraction ($225) which is somewhat submerged in gum tissue. A partial bony extraction
  • ($275) is likely under soft tissue and bone, and the most complicated is a complete bony extraction ($400) which is mostly under bone.

We would need to do a full exam and x-rays ($59) to determine the type of extractions needed for each patient.

Common procedures associated with extractions would be Nitrous ($50) as well as oral sedation, if necessary, and an alveoplasty, or removal of extra bone ($125-$150).

 **All prices are without insurance or any discount plans, and can decrease with help from either. Based on the pricing of Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics as of May 2022 and will increase over time.

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