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Does my child need an extraction if their teeth come in behind their baby teeth?

One common concern parents have with their children's teeth is when their permanent teeth come out before the baby, or primary, teeth have fallen out.

Losing baby teeth is a part of growing up. Sometimes things don't go as they should and a permanent tooth erupts out of position, not allowing the root of the baby tooth to be absorbed and dissolve. Normally, when the permanent tooth starts pushing against the baby tooth’s roots, the roots begin to dissolve. Once enough of the root has dissolved away from the baby tooth, it becomes loose and should fall out. However, if the permanent teeth begin growing behind baby teeth, it can miss the baby tooth’s roots, which won’t trigger them to dissolve. This is called an ectopic eruption.

We have kids, too, and don't want to rob them of the experience of growing up and losing teeth. If the permanent teeth start to erupt with the primary teeth being wiggly or loose, it might be best to wait and see if they fall out on their own. But in some cases, they need our help. If the primary teeth are not loose, then most likely they will need to come to one of our Fort Worth, TX offices and have them extracted.

If untreated, “shark teeth” or the formation of permanent teeth behind the baby teeth, can cause deflection of the teeth and move out of position causing problems as they get older. Once the baby tooth is out, your child’s tongue should naturally push the permanent tooth forward into the correct position. Children who have moderate to severe crowding may not have room for the permanent tooth even after the baby tooth is out, and an orthodontic consultation would be appropriate.