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How much is a tooth extraction?

There are varying degrees of difficulty based on the amount of tissue or bone around the tooth. Thus, the varying prices are based on the type of extraction.

  • A simple extraction would be 150**. If a dentist has one low price, that is because this is all they do and they refer the more difficult ones to an office like ours.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common and usually fall under the next level of difficulty. That being a surgical extraction ($275) which could require some removal of bone or soft tissue.
  • Then a soft tissue extraction ($325) which is somewhat submerged in gum tissue. A partial bony extraction ($375) is likely under soft tissue and bone, and the most complicated is a complete bony extraction ($400) which is mostly under bone.

We would need a full exam and x-rays ($68) to determine the type of extractions needed for each patient. Common procedures associated with extractions would be nitrous ($50) as well as oral sedation, if necessary.

**All prices are without insurance or any discount plan, and can decrease with help from either. Based on pricing of Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics as of October 2022 and will increase over time.