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Why do I need a checkup if I eat healthy?

It's great to eat healthy, whole foods but what we often see is that some healthy foods can still cause problems with teeth. A few examples are apples and oranges because they have natural sugars and some can be acidic and harmful if too much is eaten. Especially if left on teeth too long without brushing, they can then become a source of decay. Another bad habit we see in toddlers often is milk being kept in the mouth for extended periods of time. Milk also contains natural sugars, and if a baby is constantly sipping, it can damage the teeth. Too much of anything can be harmful and it's important to get check-ups regularly so that your doctor can go over any signs of decay they may see.

It's not just candy or sweets that can cause cavities! The best solution would be maintaining a regular and thorough brushing and flossing routine. We don't discourage sweet treats, but will always recommend proper oral hygiene steps be taken after they are consumed.