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Crowns & Bridges

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What Are Crowns and Bridges?

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Crowns and Bridges for a Seamless Smile

A dental crown can be used alone to strengthen a weak tooth or conceal flaws, but when used with a dental bridge, it provides a seamless smile by anchoring natural-looking replacement teeth between bordering teeth.

A dental bridge stands in for a missing tooth or teeth. The natural-looking tooth replacement is locked between two dental crowns. These dental crowns fit over the teeth on either side of the smile gap and lock your restoration in place.

No one will know you have a restoration because Dr. Mund uses quality materials and can color your bridge and crowns to match your smile.We think you’ll love our affordable crowns and bridges in Fort Worth, TX.

Caring for Your Crowns and Bridges

Caring for crowns and bridges requires good oral hygiene at home—floss threaders for bridges—and regular exams and cleanings in our Fort Worth, TX dental office.

Dr. Mund wants you to get the most out of your crowns and bridges so he will provide any instructions you need. However, caring for crowns and bridges is easy and doesn’t require a lot of work. As a rule, treat your crowns and bridges as you would natural teeth.

Also, remember that crowns and bridges will not prevent gum disease or gum infections, which can cause restoration loss. The adjacent teeth that hold your bridge must remain strong to keep your bridge in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need silver crowns?

Dental crowns are used to cover teeth with large cavities that fillings can’t repair. Dental crowns act as a protective covering over the tooth, preventing chips, fractures, breakage, and future decay. If decay on a baby tooth is close enough to the nerve or the tooth is damaged enough that it could break, a stainless steel crown is the treatment of choice as it works best long term. Often, if a child has a large cavity on a baby tooth, the silver crown will be required to save the tooth. We don't want to extract teeth with cavities unless needed, and the crown saves the space for the permanent tooth to erupt!

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