General Dentistry

Our mission is to provide quality dental care for little smiles in Fort Worth, TX—quality dental care in an enjoyable and judgment-free environment. We want your child to be so excited to come to our dental office that they beg you to let them stay longer, which is often the case at Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics.

Kids taking an active role in their dental health are why we do what we do.

Additionally, we treat mom and dad and meet their dental needs too. Dentistry, after all, should be a family affair, and the dental office that treats families should be fun, welcoming, and friendly.

You’ll find all that here at Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics.

Patient Education Is Part of Our Approach

At Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics, we believe that patient education contributes to healthy smiles. The more you understand about dental health, the more likely you are to develop good habits.

For children, we pass around Coco Puff the stuffed dragon, giving each child a turn to brush his or her teeth. This fun and engaging dragon helps kids understand the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. We also speak to children on their level and encourage them to be brave and strong.

Additionally, we host parenting meetings regularly to provide at-home tips for parents and to give you a chance to ask questions and share concerns about your child’s dental health.

General Dentistry Equals Healthy Smiles

Justin Mund, DDS and Smile Ninja in his own right, takes the time to get to know his patients, and children enjoy the relationship they develop with our top dentist. He is able to put children at ease and promote good dental habits through Smile Ninja goals, encouraging each child to play an active role in their dental health.

If preventive dentistry focuses on preventative measures to keep smiles healthy for life, than general dentistry spotlights oral health maintenance.

In other words, general dentistry in Fort Worth, TX is where Dr. Mund uses the latest techniques and technologies to repair dental health problems.

This may include:

  • Fillings to repair cavities—including tooth-colored or white fillings.
  • Root canals to remove and repair an infected root and surrounding decay.
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Orthodontics, such as CandidPro, for straight teeth
  • General extractions
  • Extractions for wisdom teeth
  • Specific treatments for specific issues, like gum treatments and fluoride

Patient Comfort Is Important to Us

We work hard to make families feel at home in our dental office, and we invite the sounds of laughing children throughout Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics.

Your child can relax with a cozy blanket and catch up on his or her favorite programs while nitrous oxide (laughing gas) provides an easy dental experience. This also works great for mom and dad.

Our top Forth Worth, TX dentist is gentle and always ready with a smile or a laugh. We’re confident that you and your child will love it here!

A Health Smile Starts with Excellent Dentistry

Contact us today to make an appointment for your little one and yourself. At Smile Ninja Dental & Orthodontics, we treat adults, too.