Sedation Dentistry


What is Sedation Dentistry?

Oral sedation in our office according to the State of Texas is level two moderate sedation. It is a combination of medicines that helps the patient relax (the sedative) and to block pain (the analgesic) during dental procedures. It is safer for nervous patients because they are less excited during procedures which helps eliminate the risk of harm to themselves and the staff while providing treatment. 

The doctors have received years of additional training to perform this which is renewed every 2 years for updates. Every assistant also receives extra training in our office. Prior to the appointment, the doctor and staff examine and determine the health of the patient using an extensive checklist. Medicine is administered according to the patient's weight and any present medical conditions. We keep an additional thorough inventory of emergency equipment and medications which are checked monthly. Every 6 months we perform an emergency drill.



Being Sedated

During the procedure the staff and doctor will be closely monitoring the patient and recording vital signs every 10 minutes. The patient will be sleepy and may lose consciousness but will still be somewhat responsive if prompted. They will be able to ask questions and respond to instructions.
Patients may not recall the procedure afterward.

Oral conscious sedation is extremely safe with no long term side effects. If you or your child have any anxiety towards treatment in a dental office we are here to make it a safe and stress free experience.